Getting your news into the CDT is simple; no bull

August 17, 2008 

Every day, sometimes three or five times a day, callers pose these rather basic questions:

“My group has an event planned. How do I get it in the paper?”

“My son/daughter re-ceived an award/scholarship. Will you publish something on it?”

The answer, often by city editor Teresa Bonner, is simple: “Send it to us.”

Almost every day, there’s a notice on the community news page with contact information. It’s worth a review here, as the lazy days of summer are winding down.

To submit information for Centre Roundup, student achievers, community achievers and thank you notes (250 words or less), just send an e-mail to

To submit calendar items, send an e-mail to and place the listing in our online calendar.

If you don’t want to use e-mail, the information can be mailed to us at 3400 E. College Ave., State College, PA 16801 and addressed to “community news” or “calendar.”

If you’d like your event listed in our Weekender & more, published on Fridays, send an e-mail to Send your information to all three e-mail addresses if you’d like. It really is that simple. Try it some time, if you haven’t yet.

Another similar request comes in like this: Can a reporter and photographer cover our community event, such as a ribbon-cutting for a new business, a check presentation, an appearance by an elected official or the presentation of an award?

We evaluate all requests, but because of all the news in a busy community such as this, not to mention staffing and space, we need to say no sometimes.

Nevertheless, there are still ways to get the items in the paper, and we’re glad to publish submitted photos of events. You see them on the community news page virtually every day: They’re sent in like above, to

Some groups routinely e-mail these photos, and they see them published within a few weeks. Other groups stop when they’re told that we won’t cover it with staffers, but will accept submitted photos. Their event, then, doesn’t get the attention it deserves.

We do want to cover events and activities of wide interest to our readers, and to do that we need to know about them in advance. A special class project? A fundraising event for charity? A milestone for a person or organization?

We like to hear about these, and Bonner will do what she can to staff them. You can reach her at 231-4624 or

A few readers feared we would drop some of this community news when we began newsprint trims. I think you’ve seen that isn’t the case, as we carry just as much community news and the result is a more local paper by percentage.

I hope it works for you. And above all, I encourage you to send us your news.

Contest is no bull

Now here’s a confession of a sports fan: I’m crazy about bull riding the way some sports fans love NASCAR, and it’s an interest that draws strange looks from people here in the East.

Strange but true, I’m a lifelong Pennsylvanian but a Westerner at heart, and in recent years bull riding has captured my full attention. I’m looking forward to the return of the Pro Bull Riders Enterprise tour to the Bryce Jordan Center Sept. 12 and 13, and to get ready for that I invite you to check out my “No Bull” quiz in the Sunday Life section today.

We have some ticket packages to give away, as you’ll read, and your challenge simply is to answer 10 basic bull-riding questions. True PBR fans will have it easy; others will have to work at it. But if you can get into the “short go,” you have a shot at the tickets. What did he say?

No clues today, cowgirls and cowboys. The “No Bull” quiz awaits. It’s your ticket to the “toughest sport on dirt” here in Happy Valley. As always, please contact me with concerns you have about anything in the Centre Daily Times or online.

Executive Editor Bob Heisse’s blog, “Back in Happy Valley,” is on the Web site. He can be reached at 231-4640 or .

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