Friday, Thank God It’s Friday

Posted by JJinPhila on March 6, 2009 

No, this is not a Lenten sermon, a discussion of the hits of 70’s disco groups, or a review of early Jeff Goldblum films.  District Attorney Ray Gricar disappeared on a Friday and the day of the week when he disappeared might be important.

            Assume for a moment that the same things that were reported happened not on a Friday, but on a Wednesday, say Wednesday, April 13, 2005.  Mr. Gricar decides to “play hooky” and later call his girlfriend, Patty Fornicola, from the road to walk the dog.  After repeated calling Mr. Gricar’s cell phone, she calls the Bellefonte Police.

            Thursday morning would look quite different.  The staff at the District Attorney’s Office might begin to worry.  The press, including the television stations, might start running stories on the noon news.  The CDT would almost certainly be carrying the story on their A.M. Briefing or Midday Report. 

            Mr. Gricar disappeared on a Friday.  He really wasn’t expected at work until Monday.  The next day, Saturday, there was no noon news.  The six o’clock news might have been preempted or at least delayed for sporting events.  People tend to go out on weekends, especially if it is warm spring weekend.  They don’t stay home to watch the news, at least in the numbers they do during week.  Because this was a Saturday disappearance, the news that Mr. Gricar was missing didn’t get distributed as quickly as it would during the week.

            A murderer could have planned this, to help facilitate his or her escape.  The problem with that theory is the, if this was murder, the murderer was so brilliant that the crime produced no clues, even after nearly four years.  Especially significant, there has been no body found.  There was no need to make a hasty escape.

            So, what does a Friday disappearance point to?  If anything, it points to a voluntary walk away.  Mr. Gricar dealt with the local media for more than 20 years; he’d easily understand this.  This could, of course, be a coincidence, but it might be something more.

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