The Time Line of the Witness Sightings Between 11:00 AM 4/15/05 and 11:59 PM 4/18/05

Posted by JJinPhila on March 19, 2009 

Brush Valley Area:

11:12 AM.  Ms. Fornicola receives a brief call from Mr. Gricar; call carried by a cell tower in the Brush Valley area.

Lewisburg:  4/15/05 (Prior to 4:00 PM)

Around noon:

Ms. Snyder, saw Mr. Gricar and the Mini across from the Packwood House Museum

Afternoon (possibly before 1:30 PM):

At least two other witnesses saw Mr. Gricar moving the car across from the Packwood House Museum.

Bellefonte:  4/15/05

3:00 PM:

Ms Fenton sees Mr. Gricar in a metallic colored car behind the Centre County Courthouse. (Judge Grine is unsure of the day).

Lewisburg:  4/15/05 (After 4:00 PM)

4:00 PM-5:00 PM:

McKnight’s witness saw Mr. Gricar, driving the Mini, on Route 15 near the Country Cupboard.

Circa 5:30 PM:

At least two witnesses saw Mr. Gricar moving the Mini in the parking lot across from the Street of Shops.  The Mini was seen parked there later.

Two people, Mr. Alvey and another person saw Mr. Gricar in the Street of Shops at about the same time; one saw him with the “Mystery Woman.”


Lewisburg:  4/16/05

11:00 AM to Noon:  Two employees, Mr. Bennett see Mr. Gricar in Street of Shops.

6:30 PM

State Police Trooper spots the Mini Cooper in the parking lot across from the Street of Shops.

Wilkes-Barre:  4/18/05

After 5:00 PM:  An off duty police officer and bartender spot Mr. Gricar in an establishment (possibly a Bennigan’s) on or near Highland Avenue in Wilkes-Barre.


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