Lady Liberty, where were you?

Posted by crosenbl on March 27, 2009 

Today was glorious, too nice to have wasted most of it sitting inside. Taking a break, I was tempted to keep going and not look back.

Never mind that the calendar ushered in spring officially last week. It truly felt like a corner had been turned. More purple crocuses and snowdrops emerged, promising tulips and daffodils before long. People bustled about, as if energized by the sunshine like lizards. Cars clogged Atherton Street and parking lots. 

Everyone appeared to be out and about. Everyone, that is, except the friendly Statue of Liberty along East College Avenue.

And that surprised me.

Now, it could be true that when I passed, the person wearing the spiky headdress and green gown to wave at motorists and drum up business for a local tax return office was simply resting. Or, his or her shift had ended, and the next Lady Liberty was preparing to take over. Tax day, after all, is fast approaching.

But if nobody was hired for the day, that's not fair. This winter, I saw poor souls standing in sleet and snow, gamely greeting streams of cars, ignored by all. After all that, they deserve to experience the same numbing repetition in beautiful weather, without the slush.

Who knows, though? Maybe those silky costumes are warmer than they look.

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