Four Years

Posted by JJinPhila on April 15, 2009 

            Four years ago today, then Centre County District Attorney Ray Gricar vanished off the face of the Earth.  He may have committed suicide; he may have walked away from his life.  He also may have been murdered.

            I want to focus on the last possibility for a few seconds.  Mr. Gricar was, by all accounts, brilliant.  He also was exceptionally experienced in the modus operandi of criminals, “street smart” in that regard.  He had prosecuted them, including those in a much larger urban area, for nearly 32 years; that was 12 years in Cleveland and nearly 20 in Centre County.  If he was murdered, and the odds are still reasonably good that he was, there is a killer in Central Pennsylvania, who was not only brilliant enough to get Mr. Gricar in a position where he could be murdered, but hid the body well enough that it hasn’t been found after four years.  In other words, the killer was more brilliant than Ray Gricar.

            If you live in Central Pennsylvania, that should worry you; you could be next, and I doubt if you had the years of experience that Mr. Gricar did.  If Mr. Gricar was bested by this brilliant killer, you don’t stand a chance.

            Was Mr. Gricar murdered?  Maybe.  I don’t give any possibility as being more than 50% likely at this point and, while not on the top of list, I still give murder a very high chance of being the explanation for Mr. Gricar’s disappearance.  A fellow blogger, and a former police officer, Slamdunk, puts murder on the top of his list (or did a few weeks ago).  Our percentage numbers are actually within four points of each other.

Murder is still a very real possibility, at this point.

            In four years, what have he learned about the Gricar case?  Surprisingly, lot of information has come into the public light since 4/15/05, and 4/30/05, and 5/30/06 and even since 1/1/09.  There is at least a tentative witness time line now.  Newer information the titling of the Mini Cooper has come out.  Mr. Gricar’s interest in erasing the drive and his interest in the Wiley case where things that came out in the last 18 months.  More information on Mr. Gricar’s erasure interest came out yesterday.

            What can be done?

            I’d love to see more information released by the police, especially as relates to what they have ruled out.  I’d love to know, for example, if they looked at straw purchases/rental of Mr. Gricar’s associates.  I’d love to see if there were any car purchases by a fictitious person in Lewisburg on 4/14-16/05; that could have a persona Mr. Gricar adopted.  I’d love see where Mr. Gricar received cell calls on both 4/14/05 and 4/15/05; with the personal information redacted, I’d like to see the cell phone records. I’d love to see the District Attorney’s office form a grand jury that evidence is negative.  None of these things are within my control, or the control of most of the people reading this.

            What can you do?

            You can ask questions.  Some of the information in this case came up because people were reading about it, and ask questions about some aspect of the disappearance.   Something triggered something else.  If you post something, it might trigger another question.  That might be the right question.

            If you live in Centre County, you can ask the four candidates vying for District Attorney what they think the District Attorney’s should do to advance the case.

            I am hopeful that more light shine into the darkness of this case, possibly even by the time you are reading this.  I sincerely hope I will not have to write a fifth anniversary blog.

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