Introducing Lowjack

Posted by JMcVerry on May 30, 2009 

As a music lover, there is no doubt you're sick of cheesy cover bands polluting the lineups of local bars every weekend (That was in no way a knock on Velveeta, they rule!). Surely you're sick of Bon Jovi, Blink 182, Def Leppard, and the usual drivel pounding from the same old overused guitar effects.

Granted, there is nothing wrong with cover bands. They have their place and let's face it, at 1:30 a.m. "Pour Some Sugar On Me" is freaking awesome, but let's get some variety. Why is the Phyrst Phamily (or Family Brew) such a hit? It is because they are different. They play sets of fun sing-a-longs that you can't find anywhere else.

Similarly, playing Fridays at Bar Bleu and other bars on other days, Lowjack brings its own brand of variety. Covering a range of music and genres from Johnny Cash to Spin Doctors and from Talking Heads to The Wallflowers, Lowjack takes on the B-list songs of yesteryear—the ones you know of and secretly love. Their sets hopscotch through decades and genres and that spontaneity makes their shows very enjoyable.

What makes them truly talented is their ability to fit like seven people on Bar Bleu's tiny stage—no, just kidding. Their true uniqueness comes from their variety of instruments. Lowjack features a fiery harmonica, a slick violin, keyboards, and a killer saxophone all on top of the normal rock artillery.

I have to say their performance isn't the sharpest or tightest, but the guys have fun and I've never seen one of their crowds stay in their seats for very long. I am not too familiar with their originals, but they don't seem to have the same "oomph" as their catalogue covers—but those things can change with time.

Lowjack is a killer local band. So check them out!

Check out this cool HD-version of Dave Matthews Band's "Ants Marching" on Youtube. 

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