The Long Road from the Mountain: A new intro for this blog

Posted by shadow4dragon on July 19, 2009 

If you have met me or read any of my writing know I am not at all shy about talking about myself or my martial arts.  Since this blog is being picked up for the Centre Daily Times webpage I felt that it was appropriate to revisit who I am and my interest in the martial arts, the healing disciplines that they are intertwined with, and warrior’s path to fitness which this blog focuses on.  My schools include the Chinese Martial Arts Group at Young’s Tae Kwon Do in Bellefonte and the the Wellness Series of the Penn State Strength and Fitness program for who I teach Tai Chi For Health during the fall and spring semesters (this is open to the faculty, staff, and students)

I am not what most people think of when they think of a martial artist, travelling Asia and bringing back mystical secrets, rather I am more of a scientist and scholar of the arts. I have had instructors who were amazing at what they did, but I always tested what I learned against experience and knowledge drawn from the sources that the modern world has made available recorded knowledge only recently made available, other teachers from around the world, and eastern and western medical sciences.

The result of the years of study, comes down to one simple belief, martial arts which were developed in times when your life might depend on your fighting skill still have relevancy in today world.  It can be a way to grow in self discipline and self reliance and the reason many parents enroll their children. It can be a chance to exercise your competitive spirit and test your own stamina, in Karate tournament  and Mixed Martial Arts matches drawing those in their teens and twenties who feel the longing for these challenges.  And it can also be the reason why many of my students who find me in their thirties, forties or even seventies, at a certain time in our lives we decide to turn our challenges inward to become the best we can be physically and mentally even when age, illness, or injury would argue against us.

What I think sets the martial arts apart from the other fitness regiments is that we tend to reach a certain plateau and then fall off. In the martial arts we can choose to follow the Long Road, to the point where we focus on that non-judging self growth and understanding.

Some of the events and stories I will share are light hearted and about today including the latest local Martial Arts events. Other times it will be much more ageless and to put it in a positive light thought provoking. The road will twist and turn but you are welcome to come along.

If their are any martial artists out there who are interested in letting me know about their events and schools please  drop me a line also I can always be reached through my websites www.TaiChiTeacher.Org and

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