Sotomayor Sworn In

Posted by Baobob on August 9, 2009 

Associate Justice Sotomayor has been approved by the Senate (68-31 both Pa. Senators voted for her) and sworn as the 111th Justice of the US Supreme Court, the 3rd woman, the 1st Latina, the first one appointed by a Democratic President in fifteen years, and the fourth one of the nine who is younger than me. I grew up thinking of the Court as nine wise old white men in black. That statement is now less truer than it has ever been. Though not statistical reflective of the demographics of the country, the Court looks more like the national community we all live in. Back in June I wrote a Baobob column in support of her nomination. In it I said my old classmate from Yale should be on the Court because "she was the smartest one in the room" How gratifying to note there are a group of Senators (at least 68 of them) who are smart enough to know that she was.

Back at Yale in the 70's it was clear to everyone in our class that Sonia had aspirations to becoming the first Latina on the Supreme Court.  She has conducted her life since then with the intelligence, discipline and grace to be able to achieve that goal. How wonderful that we live in a country where that is finally possible.  Congrats Justice Sotomayor

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