Seasonal delights

Posted by crosenbl on September 22, 2009 

    You'd never know it from the humid, overcast weather, but today ushered in autumn.

    That got me thinking about a few of my favorite fall things. I'm looking forward to bins of crisp local apples, apple cider oatmeal, apple pie, all things apple really. I can't wait to jump into leaf piles with my sons and cover them so that only the tips of their sneakers stick out. They're still undecided about their Halloween costumes, but their building excitement reminds me how few nights I have left to enjoy carving jack-o-lanterns with them and escorting their neighborhood plundering.

    Soon will come the sweater nights, tinged with a nip in the air, and drives down state Route 45 and the hollows off U.S. Route 220 to take in the foliage. And let's not forget the post-holiday delights of cold pumpkin pie for breakfast and turkey sandwiches with stuffing and cranberry sauce only.

    I'll dwell on these to keep my mind off gun-metal skies, shortened days and frost-zapped mums.

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