Pie-eyed on pizza

Posted by crosenbl on September 30, 2009 

    I saw the new restaurant on South Atherton Street and thought: Halleluiah! A new pizza joint!

   Never mind a real Greek place. Forget about a New York deli. What this town needed was another pepperoni purveyor. With the university's record population, our local pizza per-capita rate could have ballooned to intolerable levels, say one spot for every seven people. Why, in one pie-starved stretch across from Hills Plaza alone, only two options existed — until Pit Stop Pizza came along.

    Thanks to its presence, it's now possible to zigzag across South Atherton, from Hamilton Avenue almost to Meyer Dairy, sampling slices from no fewer than eight establishments on or near the street. And that's in less than two miles — a veritable anchovy alley.

    But why stop there? I say cram a few more along the road; we have other places to buy gas, clothes and office supplies. Or add some heading toward Boalsburg. Either way, businesses might find their slice of the market thinner, but nobody will suffer the pangs of driving a few hundred yards without the siren call of mushrooms and double cheese.

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