A big disappointment

Posted by mmq on November 9, 2009 

I waited until I saw the PS Football Story to see how it was possible to dress up the giant turd that was deposited on the Big Beav's sacred turf Saturday evening.
I don't know where to start: Un-special teams (heretofore abbreviated as UST), an offensive game plan that appeared to play into OSU's defensive strength, offensive line coaching that seemingly ensures mediocrity three out of every four years.
Our group desperately tried to recall a more pathetic offensive effort at home. Iowa was discounted because PSU moved the ball and continually shot itself in the foot six weeks ago. 2006 UM seemingly won by default. That was another evening where PSU was unable to do anything at all, seeming trying to bludgeon itself running straight at Michigan's strength. Of course, that 6-4 battle in 2004 will forever be the nightmare that PSU ineptitude is measured.
All that said, what the hell happened to a team loaded with playmakers, and a defense built on speed? Undone by field position that introduced fear into the playcalling. The defense was done in by the mirror image: Always having to defend a shorter field due to the giant can of fail opened by UST. PSU was so afraid of yielding another punt block that Boone's punts, good or bad, were fielded by a return man who was able to survey the whole field, decide on a position to advance, eat a sandwich, find a suitably rigid blade of grass to serve as a toothpick, and then run to the plethora of daylight. It was clearly a problem, and PSU had no answer, no adjustment to make, nothing.
But, all was not lost. Let's face it, it was a 10-7 game late into the 3Q, when it was decided that Pryor had looked mediocre enough, he would be allowed to look like John Elway. Of course, even then, it was 17-7. But PSU could not muster anything. The final insult, though, was the decision to punt with 6 minutes to go, down three stores. I've never witnessed a white flag being raised so meekly. Of course, given the ineptitude that graced all of us Saturday, it was the final straw. It was the coup de grace that PSU  took a timeout and STILL decided to punt that was the final straw. It was a reminder of all the coaching idiocy that took place during the dark years, and apparently is still there, in the deep recesses of the PSU coaching tree.
MMQ has seen enough or, rather, seen too much. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome. Why fans continue to think PSU will evolve and take chances on offense when it's not in the coaching DNA? Why think PSU will learn clock management when it seems to be part of the game, an important one at that?
Fans this year were asked to accept a pathetic schedule loaded with cupkakes to get to the main course. Well, the main course sucked. PSU looked great for 1Q and sucked for the final 7. The first bite of our filet mignon was succulent. Regrettably, the other 7 ounces were gristle. So, thanks for dessert folks, but we're still out here in the dining room, scanning some of the other guest's plates, looked to sate our hunger for a win over a quality opponent. Unfortunately, IU is the only item still on the plate, and it isn't looking good for our carb intake. We've got one more cupkake to consume this year. I don't know about y'all, but my glycemic index will overload with one more bite. MMQ needs time to digest this. More on OSU later...

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