Posted by mmq on November 13, 2009 

Interesting article in the CDT today on the tailgating rules being widely violated/ignored and unenforced.
Speaking of which, I wonder why PSU doesn't allow tents/canopies in yellow, but does allow them in brown/pink/orange and other high $$$ lots that are adjacent? Could it have something to do with money "talking" at PSU, like it usually does?
And how about PSU stating that parking spaces are meant for parking, not tailgating or expanding tailgate areas? Does that mean if a high roller has two spaces and uses one for his/her car and the other one for his party, is it against the rules? It's another rule widely ignored/unenforced.
Hope you enjoy it. It was interesting being involved in the research for it. Some good quotes from our fellow fans and tailgaters as well.
And finally, for my last comment on tailgating, let's all try to clean up after ourselves. These lots are pigstys after a game.

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