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Posted by mmq on November 16, 2009 

There was a game Saturday, vs. Indiana, but all anyone wants to talk about it the story out of Harrisburg about PSU charging additional monies based on where a seat is located in the stadium. Sure, PSU needs tens more millions of dollars. After all, the athletic department needs to keep paying MAC teams and I-AA teams to prop up the schedule. Hey, PSU, here's an idea. When you trot out another money-making scheme worthy of Bernie Madoff, at least wave something in your other hand while you're reaching into our pockets, say a real, live, challenging OOC opponent, something intriguing perhaps. (and before you die hard apologists start screaming ALABAMA, ALABAMA's ON THE SCHEDULE, realize that it was announced years ago. Who's on the slate after them? That's right, UVa and Rutgers. So if I was PSU/Curley/Ganter/Paterno, I'd try to distract folks with something. Let's all hope it's worthwhile.
More on this later, plus my experience with good and (real) bad fans in the stadium the last two weeks. Peace.

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