Sparty, as usual

Posted by mmq on November 20, 2009 

The schizoid Spartans are on tap, meaning the regular season is nearly over (where does the time go every year?).
PSU has a shot at a BCS bowl with a win. Most people see it as a foregone conclusion. Why? I have no idea? This coaching staff does not typically inspire total confidence on the road. Of course, it is MSU, meaning they could beat the Steelers one week and lose to Central Michigan the next. (They did lose to the Chippewas? Wow.)
Seriously, which Sparty shows up? The crew that played Iowa tougher than PSU did? The crew that watched Minny put up 42? The crew that dominated UM for 3.5 quarters? The crew that lost to CMU? The crew that should've beaten ND? Even as Mark Dantonio seems to have instilled a different 'tude up in East Lansing, Sparty remains Sparty -- ever tough to predict.
PSU hasn't won a close game since 2008, and this team has major, major UN-special teams problems. (Did I say major?) To recap, PSU has trouble getting punts off, trouble covering punts, trouble covering kickoffs, and trouble returning kickoffs. MSU, on the other hand, has high-quality return teams and perhaps an all-American kicker. This game has the potential to be a colossal headache down to the final gun.
Can Clark run the aerial circus against a weak pass defense? Will Moye return to form? Can anyone field a punt without fumbling? Will we see the return of twin KO safeties? Will opponents continue to fearlessly kick the ball to Hayes? Will the deep safety call for the ball and overrule the DEFENSIVE END that's there to BLOCK? Will Lee and Bowman outshine MSU LB greg Jones, one of the front-runners for B10 Defensive player of the year? (Of course.)
Those others questions, and so many more, will have to wait for Saturday afternoon. MMQ will take a guess at this one (all MSU games are guesses, really) and say PSU holds on to win, 30-23.
(note: I'm still formulating my post on the seating changes. It will likely be this weekend or Monday. PSU may have something in writing by then as well.)

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