Too cold to think about ice cream?

Posted by PennStateGrassroots on December 9, 2009 

Apologies once again for not posting any blog entries for a long time.

On a day like today, full of snow and freezing rain, one's thoughts don't normally turn to ice cream. But since it's been so long since my last post, I thought I'd go back into the past a couple of months and say a few words about the Penn State Grassroots Network's ice cream social in early October.

This year, we had a record crowd of 293 students, parents, and other friends of Penn State, and although we increased supplies once or twice, we ran out of ice cream before the official end of the event. My apologies to the handful of people who showed up toward the end of the event and didn't get any ice cream. But I was pleased to see the terrific response.

The previous year there were about 160 guests.

During the event, I talked to more than 100 representatives of the Council of Commonwealth Student Governments (CCSG). The Grassroots Network and CCSG have joined forces to organize a day-long event in Harrisburg next spring that will connect alumni and students with their state legislators.

CCSG, by the way, is a student organization of student government representatives at Penn State's 19 undergraduate campuses across the state.

I think partnering with CCSG students is going to work very well, because CCSG students are knowledgeable about Penn State, they're committed to helping the University provide the best educational experience possible, and they bring a lot of energy and intelligence to everything they do.

-- Alan Janesch, director, Penn State Grassroots Network

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