Boycott the bowls

Posted by mmq on December 11, 2009 

I watched "The Tony Barnhart Show" on CBSCollege this week. A few weeks ago I got access to that channel. I read Barnhart on the sports wires during CFB season, and it was pretty obvious he was an SEC homer. But he usually hated the BCS. Especially when Auburn got hosed in 2003.
Now, with the SEC guaranteed a birth in the title game annually thanks to ESPN shilling for them, Barnhart has become an SEC apologist.
This week's show had Bill Hancock, the BCS executive director. He's taken over as the cartel's front man since the commissioners have gotten tired of taking tough questions and being laughingstocks. Wow. What. An. Idiot.
The BCS has hired a PR firm and hired Hancock because "their opponents had the field to themselves." Ari Fleischer's firm has gotten the BCS some press, and apparently bad press is better than none. Now this Hancock idiot was defending the current system. Barnhart was lobbing softballs and Hancock was spouting the party line. What had me absolutely apoplectic was Hancock saying a playoff wasn't possible because "how would you pick the four teams?" And when Barnhart didn't laugh this guy off the set, I realized what was going on. Not even a follow up question.
Well, gee, Mr. Hancock, moron, sir, I don't know. Let's see how we now pick two teams: We have a coaches poll where none of the coaches actually vote for themselves, nor can they watch a lot of other games. We have the Harris Poll, substituting for the AP (media), with some serious idiots voting(just like AP), and we have six computer geeks feeding data into their hard drives and spitting out random data. And then the BcS takes the top two. Well, here's a news flash: Just take the top four, or top eight or top 16 using the same system, however idiotic it is. And that's just if you want to keep your tenuous hold on power.
The better way to get a playoff would be this: starve the bowls. Don't go. Don't buy tickets. That's the only way this will happen. The BcS is corrupt to the core, backed by commissioners who are corrupt to the core (B10 chief Delany anyone?),and presidents who are greedy to the core. The only other scenario is someone throwing billions at the presidents and the networks. But that was tried years ago and they didn't bite. Maybe in this economy it would work.
But if fans want change, then boycott the bowls. I will. I'll even make an exception for the national title game. I can easily empathize with fans of teams playing for the MNC. So you folks can go. But for the 2010/11 bowl season, stay home, go on vacation, just don't go to a bowl. Money talks, and if the bowls are starved, they'll cave and accept a playoff that they are part of. And if they don't cave, then they don't have to be part of a playoff.
So if you want a playoff in the next five years, start boycotting bowls.

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