Roads Not Taken: You Gotta Have Friends

Posted by JJinPhila on March 21, 2010 

One of the most enigmatic aspects of the disappearance of Ray Gricar is one witness report.  It is that of Carolyn Fenton, then a law clerk Judge David Grine.  She reported seeing Mr. Gricar in a gold or silver metallic colored car, behind the Centre County Courthouse at 3:00 PM, on 4/15/05.  The car did not belong to anyone in Mr. Gricar’s household.1  So far, it does not conflict with any of the reported Lewisburg witnesses.  Mr. Gricar could have been seen by all the reported witnesses in Lewisburg and still returned to Bellefonte to be seen by Ms. Fenton.

            Now I’ve written previously about this sighting; I give it a 50% chance of being an actual sighting.  You can read about it here: My Take on the Witnesses  For the purposes of this entry, I will assume that it is an actual sighting.  Why would Mr. Gricar return to Bellefonte after going to Lewisburg, only to return to Lewisburg later?  Where did he get that other car?

            There have several answers to why Mr. Gricar could have returned.  He forgot something and wanted to check to see that Ms. Fornicola was at the Count House and not at the house was one suggestion.  A last goodbye to Ms. Fornicola is another.  There is another possibility.  He was dropping off the person who brought him the car.  That explains what Mr. Gricar was doing behind the Courthouse and why he was driving a different car.

            Assume, and it is a fact not in evidence (I’ve been hanging out with lawyers most of the week and it’s rubbing off), that Mr. Gricar wanted to walk away, and not drive off in a very visible red Mini Cooper with a vanity plate.  He could have arranged for someone to bring him the other care.  He drives to Lewisburg in the Mini and possibly around 2:00 PM, meeting the person bringing him that car.  That person gives him the metallic colored car.  Mr. Gricar then drives that person back to Bellefonte in the metallic colored car.  So, who would “that person” be?

            Well, it would likely be someone with a relationship with him, someone he could trust, someone that would keep the delivery of the car secret.  That someone would have to be loyal enough not to reveal that information to get a reward.  There are such people, Mr. Gricar’s close friends and co-workers.  I wrote about these people previously, The Inner Circle  .   Many of the Inner Circle members have connections to the Courthouse.  What if the Fenton sighting really wasn’t accurate; there are a few other Inner Circle members outside of Centre County.

            This road not taken branches off into several directions.  First, it would be to look at those people in this Inner Circle and determine where they were on 4/15/05, especially between 1:00 PM and 3:00 PM.  So far as I know, only one inner circle member was checked out, Mr. Gricar’s girlfriend, Patty Fornicola.  Second, but related, did any of the Inner Circle show up on the video tape taken at the Centre County Courthouse at about that time.

            Third, look at the Inner Circle and see if any of them bought or rented a car around that time.  That could be the origin of the metallic colored car.  If purchased, was the registration renewed at the same place?  If rented, was it returned in Centre County, or some more distant destination?

            These are some of the reasons to look at the people within the Inner Circle.  There will be another, that doesn’t have anything to do with walkaway.  Do you recall when I said I thought the Fenton sight had a 50% chance of being accurate?  I give it a 50% of being wrong as well.

End Note

1 CDT 5/13/06,


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