Roads Not Taken: Asking Directions

Posted by JJinPhila on March 25, 2010 

In the last entry, I wrote about looking at The Inner Circle those close to the missing former district attorney, Ray Gricar.  I suggested looking at there people, to see if possibly there was someone close to him that would have helped him leave Lewisburg.

In this entry I want to look at the Inner Circle and the possibility that Mr. Gricar was murdered.

            Now, I would be absolutely stunned to find out any of the staff at the Courthouse was involved with foul play regarding Mr. Gricar’s disappearance.  It is very unlikely that any of them could have lured Mr. Gricar to Lewisburg.  None of them are on my radar for that, but that is not what I’m looking at today.

            The people in the Inner Circle knew Mr. Gricar and knew him from both the office and from his personal life.  They might know the kind of situation that someone could have used to get him to Lewisburg.  They might have some solid ideas about the type, if not the identity, of a woman he might have seen.  They might be able to determine something about his mental state.  They might even know someone who could have had a strong motive for killing Mr. Gricar.  Even after almost five years, they might not even know that they knew it.

            About ten months ago, I posted an entry about how Mr. Gricar’s interest in the Mel Wiley case came to light.  Release More Information  Mr. Gricar’s friend, Steve Sloane confirmed it in January of 2008.  Why didn’t he confirm it earlier?  Nobody asked him about it, until then.  Nobody was looking for it.

            Though communicating with people involved in the Gricar case, I’ve also gained something else.  A clearer picture of what Mr. Gricar was like.  It has shaped my opinion of him, favorably.  That insight might help.

            So, to go down this road not traveled, I will start by doing something men generally don’t do, ask directions.  What can these people say about Mr. Gricar and the circumstances surrounding his disappearance?


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