Now For Something Completely Different

Posted by JMcVerry on May 21, 2010 


Six months ago I was reading a lot of books by AJ Jacobs. They are funny, easy reads that chronicle a true-life personal journey that AJ takes that most folks would dare not venture into. Examples: he read the entire Encyclopædia Britannica from A to Z and lived his life by the Bible—literally. 

I enjoyed reading about his year living biblically the best, because it took him to strange places and lead him to meet stranger people. When he read the Britannica, he spent a lot of time talking about himself and the mundane tasks revolved around reading thousands of pages of random and sometimes asinine amounts of information. It was still great, but the Bible book triumphs.

Admittedly, my original blog goals have taken a similar turn. Even though I wrote about First Thursday and Penn State's graduate exhibition, I feel like the writing has been more about me than the local events that I originally wanted to showcase. With that said, I will focus on local events, happenings, and programs that you may or may not have heard about. And this will be the last time I point out flaws in this blog.

So, if you haven't heard, wrestling is coming to town. Not the kind with crazy scoring and ear covers. It's the kind we call professional wrestling. The same way an actor portraying Nathan Detroit (Guys & Dolls) is a professional gangster. Nevertheless, All or Nothing Wrestling is body slamming its way into Happy Valley. It will put on its first show tomorrow (Saturday, May 22) at State College High School. It will also be returning every other month for more elbow dropping action.

I was never that into WWF or WCW growing up. I knew who Hulk Hogan was. I remember Ultimate Warrior, but that was the extent of it. So, why would someone like me want to attend an event like this? It's easy. It's something different. Getting off your keester and taking the family to a wrestling show could be what you need. It's live action. It's catharsis. It's family boding time while Bam Bam Hassell puts Stonehenge O'Reilly in a headlock. 

There will be high-flying body slams and flips. There will be lights and action. For about $10, you'll be up close and personal with some local fellows who are living the dream. These are guys that practice and train for this every day. They aren't phoning it in. It's the real deal and they love it. And afterwards you'll be able to meet and greet, take photos, get autographs, and make it a fun, exciting, and unique night for your family.

It may not be theatre—and that's exactly what we need sometimes.


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