Solutions proposed by contributors to our Focus on Excessive Drinking series

June 7, 2010 

Here are some solutions proposed throughout the Focus on Excessive Drinking series, in no particular order.

• Make the Penn State dorms dry.

• Increase fines for summary offenses such as public urination and public drunkenness. Since 1972 these fines have been $300 per offense. The state legislature would have to approve any increase.

• Provide restrooms at night in downtown State College.

• Schedule more Penn State classes at 8 a.m.

• Start a marketing campaign to change the drinking culture. Involve Penn State alumni.

• Enact harsher consequences at Penn State for first-time offenses.

• Provide more for students to do in downtown State College. Is it time for an Allen Street pedestrian mall that can host activities and entertainment?

• Require an introductory course that would educate students on what it means to be a Penn Stater.

• Welcome students back by hosting one or more neighborhood block parties.

• Broaden alcohol education and prevention efforts in the schools.

• Start an alumni model tailgate contest that highlights moderate drinking.

• Require offenders to perform community service.

• Revamp the late-night activities at Penn State.

• Set up a mentoring program in which residents mentor students or adopt fraternities or student organizations.

• Clarify the university’s alcohol policy.

• Stop Sunday sales at state liquor stores in State College and close the stores earlier at nights of big event weekends.

• Teach students about and encourage positive leisure pursuits.

• Further develop State College as an art and entertainment destination.

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