School's out; summer's in

Posted by crosenbl on June 17, 2010 

I remember the magical feeling.

School has just let out for the summer, and months of freedom stretch ahead, starting with the first night. I relived the excitement the other day watching my two sons celebrate. Late into the night, they watched movies and slurped ice cream, allowed to stay way past their normal bedtime in honor of the occasion and the fact they no longer had to catch the bus.

When it finally came time to end the party — adults need their rest — they protested and begged to stay up longer. "But it's summer vacation," they insisted, as if anything goes once school is over. I may be hearing that a lot in the coming weeks.

It all brought me back to a treasured memory. After the last day of fifth grade, my dad took me to Fenway Park to see the Boston Red Sox play the Baltimore Orioles. We sat in the first-base grandstand, just the two of us with hotdogs and Cokes, on a beautiful June night in 1978. It was our first game together, and all seemed right in the world. Near midnight, I drifted off in my bed, still hearing the crowd, knowing when I woke up further adventure awaited. Nothing, not even Christmas Eve, beat the feeling.

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