Creating a New Wellness Destination for Central Pennsylvania

Posted by shadow4dragon on August 25, 2010 

For those who don’t already know I have been busy this summer, doing something I hope will have positive impact on the health and wellbeing of the area.

If you have read any of my blogs you know that I already instruct  for Young’s Tae Kwon Do in Bellefonte. Our Tai Chi Program has been growing and we soft launched yoga this month with four new class times.

(go to or call me at 814-359-2380 for more details of these classes)

But the Majority of my time has been spent creating a new partnership and an extensive wellness location for Central Pa.

Over the summer I have been working with the owner, Davina Haponski, of Kneading Body Spa, which is centrally located on a main road only minutes from State College, Tyrone, and Clearfield to create a massage therapy and wellness education program that will meet or exceed anything also available in the area to the general public.

A military veteran and mother, Davina’s focus on helping her clients,and her skill set, impressed me .  As did her attitude to focusing on the Community, the Spa offers discounts to those who serve or have served others.  Police, fire, military, health care, and educators are all provided a reduction in the cost of service. Since I was granted practice privileges at Kneading Body Spa have been collecting for the food banks, supporting blood drive efforts and volunteering at health fairs, and it has been amazing.

Our core services are in place offering massage, a full range of Spa services for men and women, many crafted by hand, and adjunct therapies, including Shiatsu, Thai Yoga massage, Reiki, and Reflexology. Plus through the dedication of the therapists we are able to offer them at prices that are affordable to nearly everyone and are able to handle parties of ten clients at a time.

In September my movement and meditation arts programs will launch bringing my signature forms Yoga, Tai Chi, Qigong, and a range of wellness and fitness programs to the Kneading Body Spa. The new setting will also allow us to bring brand new services, Mommy and Me (or Daddy and Me) yoga programs for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers, private yoga classes, customized alternative fitness and massage packages.

There are still a few things to finish, the landscaping is in the final stages before we can move yoga outside, and some of our framing is still being worked on, but I want to invite you to  take advantage of something that we have been putting our hearts and souls into.

(814) 762-5156

To reach at my other practices

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call (814) 359-2380

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