PSU football, future schedules and STEP

Posted by mmq on August 26, 2010 

With the addition of Nebraska and the pending schedule changes that will ensue, gopsusports took down the 2011 and 2012 conference schedules in the last few days. Considering the STEP plan's implementation was designed to coincide with the extremely attractive 2011 home schedule (Bama, Iowa,Wisky and OSU), I'm curious as to the mood over at the PSU Treasury, er, athletics offices. Also, Sept. 1 is a major STEP deadline. I wonder how many folks decided to keep getting tix in 2011 based on that schedule. Of course, the schedule could get better if it stays intact and Nebraska is a home game as well, but that possibility seems remote. In addition, the 2012 schedule was pretty poor, despite the addition of Navy. With UM rotating off the schedule and OSU and Wisky away, it was shaping up to be a pretty bad follow up to 2011's home slate. Either regaining UM or adding Nebraska was a virtual must in order for the university to maintain any STEP momentum.
Either way, there must be a certain level of anxiety up at PSU, where any type of uncertainty is loathed almost as much as a missed revenue opportunity.

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