MMQ hitting the road

Posted by mmq on September 10, 2010 

State College in the rearview this AM, heading .... south. Tuscaloosa at sundown (maybe). MMQ will offer a full report when he has access to a computer again, maybe even photos if he's lucky. We'll talk soon. Let's ROLL THE TIDE! (I'll settle for a 1 point win, though.)
Before I leave, here's the much sought after prediction: PSU plays keep away from Richardson/Jones and McIlroy enough, scores just enough and defends just enough to win a close one, 19-17. Let's hope the Spread HD running game that was missing/hidden in Week 1 shows up ready to play, unafraid of that ESSS-EEEE-CEEEE "Speed."

See y'all next week. -- MMQ

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