There are SOME lessons they have to learn all by themselves...

Posted by drp11 on November 11, 2010 

The other day during Morning Meeting we spent a good deal of time tell-sharing with each other what we had done over the long 5-day weekend.


I watched knowingly as Charles spent an inordinate amount of time trying to figure out how to position the rubber band he had discovered on the rug around his stubby fingers.  I could tell by the way he held his hand (and the bazillion years of teaching experience) that he was about to shoot someone.



Little did he know it would end up being …himself.



RIGHT in the squinty eye he was using to guide his shot.



Even at 5, the kids learn all on their own that karma can sometimes sneak up on you and bite you in the….eye.


(And THIS teacher has learned that at times, you have to sit back and wait for someone else to teach the lesson.) 




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