Index of the Investigation

Posted on February 23, 2011 

            This is the index to the series on the investigation into the disappearance of former Centre County District Attorney Ray Gricar.  It looks, chronologically, at the investigation and my conclusions.  There may new chapters written in this series in the future, but here it is for now.

The Investigation, Part One: The First 24 Hours

Covers the first day after Mr. Gricar disappeared.

The Investigation, Part Two: The Second Day

Covers the second day, from late in the evening of 4/16/05 until 11:59 PM on 4/17/05

The Investigation, Part Three: Police Action Until 4/30/05

Covers the police action until over roughly the next two weeks.


 The Investigation, Part Four: Misstatements, Mistakes and Media until 4/30/05

A look at some of the problems in the investigation in roughly the first two weeks.


 The Investigation Part Five: Before the Leaves All Fell

A look at the investigation until roughly Halloween of 2005


 The Investigation Part Six: The Mystery Woman Emerges


Covering the investigation in November and December of 2005.  This also covers the first public mention of the famous “Mystery Woman” in Lewisburg.


 The Investigation Part Seven: Mr. Smith’s Role


A retrospective of acting District Attorney Mark Smith’s (and by extension the District Attorney’s Officer’s) role in the Gricar investigation from April to December of 2005.


The Investigation Part Eight: Mr. Madeira Takes Charge

A review of  the investigation from 12/31/05 until 5/12/05, during Mr. Madeira’s first months in office.


 The Investigation Part Nine: Mr. Madeira’s Strange Comment, Part 1


 Mr. Madeira’s “no stone unturned” comment of 1/10/06 in context.


The Investigation Part Ten: Mr. Bosak’s “Missed Leads”

The effect on the investigation of Mr. Bosak’s seminal article “Missed Leads.”  It covers 5/13-5/16/06.


The Investigation Part 11: The PSP-CIA Review


A discussion of the calling and conclusion of State Police review of the investigation.


The Investigation Part 12: The Internet Interlude


A retrospective of several pieces of new information that came from Internet sources, in Ms. Arnold’s LGJ, 20/20 Vision, and Chief Mel Wiley.  Generally covers December 2006 through June 2008.


The Investigation Part 13: Mr. Madeira for the Defense


The famous dueling press conferences and the public criticism of from Mr. McKnight and Mr. Buehner of the investigation.


The Investigation Part 14: Mr. Madeira’s Strange Comment, Part 2

Mr. Madeira’s inaccurate claims that Mr. Buehner was just bringing up the Gricar case and that Mr. Buehner was just suggesting motels be checked.  Mr. Madeira also claimed that a grand jury was not needed because everyone was talking. Comments from July 1-4, 2008.


The Investigation Part 15: Rebooting the Computer


The development of the information regarding Mr. Gricar’s desire to eliminate the data on the hard drive.


The Investigation Part 16: Mr. Madeira’s Strange Comment, Part 3

Mr. Madeira’s somewhat conflicting comments on hiring a county detective and lack of resources in the Gricar investigation.

The Investigation Part 17: Ms. Parks Miller Takes Charge


The investigation from the electoral victory of Ms. Parks Miller through the end of August 2010, including the formation of the review panel.


The Investigation Part 18:  Death and Life

The investigation continued, with new information released.  Mr. Gricar's daughter, Lara, successfully petitioned to have him declared dead.

The Investigation Part 19:  The Sandusky Storm

 Sandusky is indicted and details of Mr. Gricar's handling of the 1998 case begin to come out.  New details on the women in Mr. Gricar's life came out and the FBI file on him became public.

The Investigation Part 20:  The Unseen Character

There were numerous references to Mr. Gricar in the Sandusky trial and the investigations that followed, by Judge Freeh and the Attorney General's Office



 Conclusions on the first 16 Parts


 The Investigation Conclusions Part One: Investigative Mistakes?


A look at how the police, generally the Bellefonte Police Department, conducted the investigation.


The Investigation Conclusions Part Two: Mr. Madeira’s Failure


A look at the conduct of the District Attorney, Mr. Madeira, in this investigation.


            This series marks perhaps the only time that both the actions of the police and the District Attorney’s Office have been discussed in chronological order.  Some new information has been included (and something hinted at).  I can only hope that you will read it.  I hope that, even if you have only been casually following the case of Ray Gricar, you will find this useful.  If you read it, I hope you’ll learn some new things about the case.  I did. 

What I've Learned Doing This Series

You can even see some things I missed:


            This is obviously a work in progress, as the review panel is still investigation; we can only hope that they will find something.

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