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Posted on February 24, 2011 

The following is an index of ideas to advance the investigation of the disappearance of Ray Gricar, former Centre County District Attorney.  The last time I did this one, it was the most expanded.  Now it is unchanged.  I’m happy to note, however, that some of the things mentioned in the “Roads Not Taken” series are being done. 
I seriously doubt if the series inspired them, but they were the logical things to investigate.

Guest Blog by Slamdunk: What Else Can Be Done?

Slamdunk’s guest blog.  It is an excellent blog, filled with suggestions.

A look at some specific things to be looked at by law enforcement, if they have not been checked out and eliminated already:

            The “Roads Not Taken” series:

Roads Not Taken: The Bridgehead

This blog looks for the possibility that Mr. Gricar was killed or committed suicide and his body was hidden in the wetlands or wooded areas just east of the bridge in Lewisburg, on the east side of the Susquehanna.

Roads Not Taken: You Gotta Have Friends

This blog looks at checking out those people close personally and geographically to Mr. Gricar and see if any of them might have helped provide the means for him to have left voluntarily.

Roads Not Taken: Asking Directions

This entry suggests looking at the same people to see if there was someone who might know of someone who had a motive for murdering Mr. Gricar, perhaps a personal motive.  They might know of someone Mr. Gricar might have been likely to meet in Lewisburg.

Roads Not Taken: Driving Along the Road

This one suggests looking at car purchased (and we can throw in car rentals) in the Lewisburg area on 4/14-4/18 to see if Mr. Gricar.

Roads Not Taken: Cash for the Road Trip


This one is to look at Mr. Gricar’s assets from the time he went to a full time district attorney (roughly 1997).  It suggests looking at two things.  Did Mr. Gricar divert assets, shelter them, so he could finance a new life someplace else?  Could someone have had a financial motive to murder him?

Roads Not Taken: Starting the Drive (Maybe)

This is the conclusion of the series.

            Two other related earlier blogs:

The Way Out

A look the methods Mr. Gricar could have used to leave the area.

The Inner Circle

A look at those people very close to Mr. Gricar.

A look at some methods for expanding the investigation, if needed:

A Grand Jury  An explanation of how a grand jury would be of use in solving this case.

 Use Penn State  A recommendation for using the students and facilities of Penn State to help solve the case.

Use the Vidocq Society  A recommendation to use the Vidocq Society, a group of professional investigators that volunteer the time to help the police solve cold cases.

            A series on releasing more information:

Release More Information  A general call for releasing more information, including two examples of where public input generated leads on the case.

Here are some of the benefits of releasing particular information:

Releasing the Witness List

Releasing the Computer Searches

Releasing the Phone Records

Releasing Financial Data, a Hard Choice for the Family

Releasing the Dead Ends

The last one on this list is a call for releasing what the police checked and ruled out, the dead ends.

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