Index of the Theories, February 2011

Posted on February 25, 2011 

The following is an index of theories about what happened to Former Centre County District Attorney Ray Gricar



The theory that Mr. Gricar left voluntarily and has chosen not to reveal his location to the police.


Murder II: A Short Walk to Death

The theory that Mr. Gricar met someone, possibly a lover, and planned to spend just a few days away from his home.  Then something happened.

Murder I: A Meeting for Murder

The theory that Mr. Gricar was lured to Lewisburg and then murdered.

Basements and Motel Rooms

Some thoughts on a method of murder.



The theory that Mr. Gricar committed suicide.

How Similar?

A look at the comparison of Lewisburg with the site of Roy Gricar’s suicide.

Something else:

Headlines, the Witness Protection Program, and Alternate History


The very unlikely theory that Mr. Gricar is in the Witness Protection Program.




A look at the strange theory that Mr. Gricar was kidnapped as is being held against his



The Nelson Rockefeller Scenario


A look at the unlikely possibility that Mr. Gricar died accidently, but his death was hidden to avoid embarrassment or prosecution..




A look at the hugely unlikely theory that blackmail was involved in Mr. Gricar’s disappearance.


The Other Prosecutor Part 2: Parallels or Tangents?


A comparison with the death Assistant United States Attorney Jonathan P. Luna.


A Few Things that (Probably) Didn’t Happen


A look at several very improbable theories.


The “Least Weak Evidence” series:


The Least Weak Evidence for Suicide


The Least Weak Evidence for Foul Play


The Least Weak Evidence for Walkaway


The Least Weak Evidence Summary



A look at some theories surrounding specific evidence:


Revisiting the Laptop, the Drive, and the Case


A theory about the hard drive.

Two Pieces, Two Explanations


A look at two pieces of evidence, the registration of the Mini Cooper and Mr. Gricar’s pension, and how each could point to two different things.


Jurisdiction, Timing, Coincidence


A description of the political and jurisdictional issues raised by the disappearance.


Why Wouldn’t He Tell?


A look at why Mr. Gricar may not have told his daughter if he did voluntarily leave.


Moving the Mini, the Packwood House


 Moving the Mini, the Street of Shops


A discussion about why the car was parked and moved.



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