Index of the Known Evidence, February 2011

Posted by J. J. in Phila on February 26, 2011 

The following is an index of the blogs on the known evidence in the disappearance of Ray Gricar.  They are in rough chronological order and they include a brief summary:

1.  Wiley and Gricar, the Timing

Mr. Gricar expressed an interest in the disappearance of Ohio police chief Mel Wiley, years after Wiley disappeared.

2.  The Data and Erasing It

The Data and Erasing it, Part II

Mr. Gricar expressed an interest in the destruction of the data on his laptop months prior to it being destroyed.  He continued this interest in the three months prior to his disappearance

3.  Liability and the Mini Cooper

Mr. Gricar had no real reason to put his car in Ms. Fornicola’s name for liability issues.

4.  A Change in Demeanor and Activity

In the days and possibly weeks prior to his disappearance, Mr. Gricar had a noted change in demeanor and seemed to be working harder.

5.  Thursday, April 14, 2005

Significance unknown, though he may have had another car.

6.  Friday, Thank God It’s Friday

Mr. Gricar disappeared on a day when news coverage of his disappearance would be below normal.

7.  The Media Markets and Geography

Mr. Gricar disappeared from area in an area would not be likely to be recognized, outside of the Central Pennsylvania Media Market.

8.  A Call About the Dog

The call to Ms. Fornicola had the effect of leading the police to search an area 30-40 miles from where the Mini turned up.

9.  The Lewisburg Witnesses, April 15, 2005

A string of witnesses put Mr. Gricar in Lewisburg (some saw him in the Mini) in the early afternoon and from sometime between 4:00 PM and 6:30 PM.

10Behind the Courthouse

Carolyn Fenton, who knew Mr. Gricar personally, saw him in a metallic colored car behind the Centre County Courthouse at 3:00 PM.

11.  The Lewisburg Witnesses, April 16, 2005

Three witnesses saw Mr. Gricar at the Street of Shops in Lewisburg. 

See also:  A Note on Saturday Witnesses

12.  This sighting has since been determined not to have been Mr. Gricar

Cross Wilkes Barre Off the List

Wilkes-Barre, Monday, April 18, 2005

Two witnesses, including a police officer, saw Mr. Gricar in Wilkes-Barre.

13.  What Else is Missing?

 Along with the now recovered laptop, Mr. Gricar’s wallet, keys, sunglasses and contacts were also missing.

1420/20 Hindsight

Mr. Gricar read the novel 20/20 Vision which involve the events on the date 4/15, and a faked death.

15.  Income and Assets

Trip Money?

Mr. Gricar’s reported assets seem to be very low, based on his income.

16. The Pension

Mr. Gricar could have (and still could) claim a significant pension; his daughter could claim it on his behalf.  The pension is unclaimed.

17.  The Physical Evidence

 The physical evidence points to Mr. Gricar being in Lewisburg, at some point; it doesn’t point to when.  The physical evidence also points to the laptop and drive being in the water for a while before it was found and points to the laptop being tossed from the bridge by someone heading toward Bellefonte.  It does not point when this occurred, only to the drive being removed first.

18.  Southfield Sighting

A description of a “credible” sighting of Mr. Gricar by a retired police officer and composite artist in Southfield, MI, on the Friday before Memorial Day, 5/27/05.

A link to a time line of the witness sightings from 4/15/05 to 4/18/05 is here:

Though not truly part of the investigation here are two blogs evaluating the witnesses:

My Take on the Witnesses

How Strong is the Southfield Sighting?

Just to be clear, I don’t treat all sightings equally. 

One bit of possible evidence which I think has been debunked is the Code Book:

 The Code Book

While the book was found, it was unlikely (if not impossible) for Mr. Gricar to have been the one to last open it.

While not debunked, here is my own experiment with me destroying and tossing my own hard drive. 

Destroying a Hard Drive

In late July of 2009, I took a trip and stopped in Lewisburg.  The link to the photos I took while there is to the right as well as here:

A more detailed description of the site, and some of my impressions of Lewisburg are here:    

If you are not familiar some of the places where Mr. Gricar was seen, or you are but you didn’t think to bring a tape measure during your last visit, this might be helpful.

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