Spring Bicycle Classes

Posted by Centre Region Cyclist on March 22, 2011 

Newbie or seasoned cyclist, these spring bicycle classes offered through the Penn State Health Matters program by CRBC's own Chuck Anderson provide a great start to the cycling season.

Though Health Matters' primary focus is on Penn State faculty, staff and their families, these classes are open to all community members. People affiliated with Penn State can register online at http://ohr.psu.edu/health-matters/register-for-programs while community members can register by calling Health Matters at 863-4606. You can find more information on the classes in the Health Matter catalog at http://ohr.psu.edu/health-matters/catalog

Fix a Flat and Beyond Wed. March 30th 6-9pm
Learn basic preventative maintenance for your bike and how to deal with roadside repairs.

Get There by Bike Wed. April 6th 6-9pm
Features the highlights from the longer Street Skills for Cyclists class. Covers safely sharing the roads with other traffic, gear to make commuting easier, and what to do when the weather turns sour.

Street Skills for Cyclists Three session class meets April 27th and May 4th 6-9pm and Sunday May 8th 12:30-5pm
Must have training for anyone who rides a bike on the street or wants to ride on the streets. Come learn how to take control of the traffic around you and learn how to handle yourself and your bike in emergency situations. The class also covers bike maintenance and cycling gear. Whether you are a seasoned cyclist who’s toured the country or someone just getting back into riding, Street Skills for Cyclists will make your riding safer and more enjoyable...guaranteed!

As always, please email us at centreregioncyclist@centrebike.org with any questions, concerns or comments.  We'll be happy to address your questions in future blog posts.  For more cycling informations, see the CRBC website at


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Centre Region Cyclist

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