Bicycle Friendly Community - What is it????

Posted by Centre Region Cyclist on April 5, 2011 

What is a Bicycle Friendly Community?  The League of American Bicyclists, a national bicycling organization with over 300,000 members, created the Bicycle Friendly Community program in 1996 as a mechanism to encourage communities to adopt practices that supported bicycling.  In 2002 the program was significantly enhanced to create four levels of recognition, bronze, silver, gold and platinum.  In the League's own words "A Bicycle Friendly Community (BFC) welcomes cyclists by providing safe accommodation for cycling and encouraging people to bike for transportation and recreation."

There are currently 3 recognized BFC's in Pennsylvania -- Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and Franklin -- each of which has achieved bronze status. CRBC would like to make the Centre Region the fourth BFC in Pennsylvania.   We are actively working with all six communities that comprise the Centre Region (the townships of College, Ferguson, Half Moon, Harris, and Patton as well as the State College Borough)  to achieve this goal.

As always, please email us at with any questions, concerns or comments.  We'll be happy to address your questions in future blog posts.  For more cycling information, see the CRBC website at


Ride safely,

Centre Region Cyclist

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