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Posted by Centre Region Cyclist on April 19, 2011 

Bike to work - why not try it?

Have you ever sat in traffic on a beautiful sunny day watching folks on bicycles heading to school or the office - having fun and getting exercise - while you watch the gas gauge go down and your hard-earned dollars go up in exhaust fumes?  Why not join the growing number of people who commute to work by bicycle? 

Maybe you think it's too difficult - your commute has hills (actually almost anywhere in the Centre Region has hills!!!), you don't feel safe on the road, your bicycle has been used as a clothes rack for so long that you don't remember seeing it recently....the list of why nots is a long and varied.  But you have a choice - try  it, you might like it!

CRBC has a number of resources to help beginning bicycle commuters. Our website has tips for commuting.  We have experienced cyclists in many neighborhoods who would welcome showing you the easiest and safest route to your destination. A recent post identified upcoming classes in May to help you "dust off" your street skills. 

Maybe your commute is longer than you're quite ready to tackle.  How about using a multi-modal approach.  All the CATA buses have bicycle racks on the front.  Load up your bicycle, hop a bus, get near your destination, unload your bicycle and take off! 

If you don't own a bicycle, visit one of our excellent bicycle shops in town.  Bicycles have changed a lot since many of us rode them as youngsters.  There are many styles and types of bicycles, some of which are geared specifically for the bicycle commuter. Commuter bikes may have fenders (to keep the splashes off your clothes), have the chains enclosed (to keep off the grease) and have a more upright position (to make riding more comfortable). They come in many price ranges  to suit everyone's needs.

Give it a try and maybe your car will become the clothes rack in your garage, not your bicycle!

As always, please email us at with any questions, concerns or comments.  We'll be happy to address your questions in future blog posts.  For more cycling information, see the CRBC website at


Ride safely,

Centre Region Cyclist


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