Posted by Cierra Lyons on May 25, 2011 

So, of course you read last Month's column titled, "Guys: Take a minute to look in the mirror" (April 23,2011). That's right, It was just me & the Guys last month. Don't worry girlfriends, we'll be reuniting in May's column this Saturday, May 28th! But in the mean time, I'm here to give my guys some small tips and pointers on where to shop to upgrade their style. You don't have to go far or empty out your pockets just to look good. We have a great spot right in the Nittany Mall called EXPRESS. See how easy that was, I know you've heard of it. For some strange reason people think that they have to search high & low just to find good fashion but as you can see, THAT'S FALSE. Knowing how to shop is one piece to that puzzle, but simply going to a place that only offers great style, is winning half the battle. Express is a store I recomend to both men & women, but one of my favorites when Im just shopping for a man. They have a cool selection of style, from preppy looks to laid back. Express has something for every man. Stop in the next time your looking for something new and I guarantee you'll stumble upon some great finds. For memorial weekend, there's a great sale going on now that will be over monday, so take advantage! If you're still stumped on how to improve your style don't hesitate to grab a GQ or ASK MEN magazine from your local store. Subscribing to a weekly/monthly issue of men's fashion mags are a sure way to keep you ahead of the game in this world of fashion & ever changing trends.



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