Farmers Markets Open

Posted by Anne Quinn Corr on June 4, 2011 

Tracking Down Dinner

How fun it is to track down dinner now that the area farmers market s are open again.  Last Tuesday’s State College market had the look of early summer—lots of green plants for sale.  But if you are looking for dinner and not more work for yourself in the garden you had to look a little more closely.  Gemelli Bread was situated at the far end of the lane, characteristically unmarked.  Walking back toward College Avenue on the left, there was Howard’s End CSA  as a drop off point for their lucky subscription customers.  Yellow oyster mushrooms from Tuscarora Organic Growers!  Addison Hoffman, farmer and food procurer extraordinaire read the mushroom lust in my eyes and offered me a handful of the delicate beauties—and threw in a few of their own dried morels from this season.  Now dinner was taking shape!  Fasta Pasta had pappardelle on the menu board and a new vendor on the block had some arugula that tasted like dandelion had married horseradish.  That was a spicy leaf!  But it all came together quickly in a pasta dish, with some olive oil and lots of garlic and one red pepper for color.  Find your own dinner at your favorite farmers market this week.  The hunt is the best part.

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