State College Area school board candidate profiles: Lydia Glick

Posted on November 2, 2011 

Lydia Glick, 18, is an immunology and infectious disease major at Penn State. She’s recent graduate of State College Area High School.

 “I feel like I owe a lot to the school district and the education it provided me,” Glick said in a candidate interview on CNET. “I know I’m the youngest member of the race, but I feel that being a recent graduate of State High gives me a unique perspective on what's going on there, what’s going on in the school district, and hopefully, gives a perspective that could be missing in the school board right now.”

She and fellow candidate Samuel Settle, 20, are both students in the Penn State Schreyer Honors College. Both pledged at an AAUW and forum to stay in the community for at least the next four years.

 She’s called for the district to sell Memorial Field and build another athletic field elsewhere. 

 “It can be compared to a sunk cost, where we’re just pouring more money in, and really what we need to do is cut our losses and move out,” she said during the CNET candidate interview.

Current status: Challenger seeking a spot on the board.

Political party: She’s the only independent candidate in the race.

A decision or issue she thought the board handled well: “One of the things that I applaud by the board for is how much they’ve increased transparency and how much information is accessible to the public. So I really do applaud them for that.”

A decision or issue she thought the board should have handled differently: Glick focused on the budget cuts this spring.

“What I really lament is that the ... the budget crisis wasn’t dealt with earlier,” she said. “There weren’t safeguards put in place. ...We’ve been in this economic crisis for many years now. So obviously it’s not something that is new to anyone. ...I think that long term solutions we’re not put into place. I think each year there were short term solutions that sort of put off the problem. So it all kind of came crashing down ... in this year’s budget.”


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