Caribbean Student Association Cook Off

Posted by Anne Quinn Corr on November 10, 2011 

3 hour tour

The very best part of the evening was that no one brought up the overriding Penn State troubles for 3 whole hours.  The Caribbean Student Association staged an Iron Chef Competition in the Foods Lab in Henderson Building on Thursday evening and the sounds of reggae and hiphop prevailed to lift spirits while the aroma a palm oil, curry and Pickapeppa Sauce filled the air.  The African Student Association won, with Chicken in Peanut Sauce and Fried Stew with seasoned beef, peppers and lots of onions accompanied by rice and fried plantain. Josephine Sarpong, who grew up in Ghana, and Fadunni Agboola, of Nigeria, were the winning chefs, having come prepared, with boxes of spices to recreate the taste of home. Runners up from the CSA, Savara Green from Jamaica and her partner Kyle Cozier, came in a close second. No matter; everyone enjoyed the food, the music, the connection and the relief.

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