My Date with a Turkey

Posted by Anne Quinn Corr on November 23, 2011 

Waiting for the Bird

He was late; but at least I didn’t get stood up.  It was “like a Far Side cartoon” noted Lori Pacchioli, who was also waiting for Mr. Right in the living room of Mrs. Westerman in Pine Grove Mills.  We grew in numbers during the half hour or so spent waiting, and it was fun to exchange tips.  To brine or not to brine?  That is the question! We got updates from time to time, from Mrs. Westerman, the turkey farmer’s mother, who had never been in the situation of having 10 strangers in her living room, awaiting their number one guest for the Thanksgiving holiday.

 “They are on their way…They just came over the mountain…” and finally, the turkeys rolled in, a short train of red coolers assembled on the patio. 

I had never met Louise Byler, novice turkey farmer, but having heard so many glowing tales of how delicious her chickens are, I feel honored to be one of her first time turkey buyers. And I got a grand champion, it seems, 29 pounds of Huntingdon County raised bird.  If he is anything like his breathless, exuberant, rosy cheeked grower we are in for a most delicious Festus Maximus!         

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