Triathlon Man is Back!

Posted by Erik Scott on December 1, 2011 

After some time off from blogging, I am back.  My name is Erik Scott and I am the owner of the Bicycle Shop here in State College.  I also am the father of a very energetic and outgoing 8 year old daughter named Vivian.  I have a girlfriend, Mary Ann, who lives in Hollidaysburg.  I have a dog named Theo who can howl on demand and run for miles.  I have a home here in town that always needs some sort of work done on it.  All of this: running a business, raising a daughter, maintaining a relationship, caring for a pet, repairing a house, are things that I successfully, and sometimes unsuccessfully, weave into a athletic lifestyle.  It's not some single sport.  No, it's triathlon, a sport that combines swimming, biking, and running into one event.  I hope you enjoy reading my posts about how, as crazy as it might seem at times, my love of this sport has had a positive impact on my life.


Spin Splash Dash

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