Thoughts From the Trainer

Posted on January 15, 2012 

Whether you are a triathlete or a cyclist, when the temps start to drop into the teens, the thought of riding outside doesn't seem too appealing.  What do you do?  This is were the indoor bicycle trainer comes in.  This is a wonderful device that you can put your bicycle on and pedal to your hearts content in the warmth of your own home.  The problem with the trainer is that to a person accustomed to the adventure of riding outside it can be rather boring....or if you do it enough, tedious to the point of melting your brain.  The upside to it is that if you stay consistent with it all winter, not only will you be mentally tough in the spring, but your legs will be much stronger than your couch potato buddies.

In order to have a successful trainer ride, I like to lay out a little plan the night before so I can maximize my time on the trainer for the best possible workout.  Here is a little timeline of the hours of preparing for and executing one of my trainer workouts.


I am going to go to bed at 9:30 tonight and get up tomorrow at 5:30 and do an hour on the trainer.  The workout will be 20 min warmup, 3x5min @ 320 watts with 5 min rest 10 min cool down with some spin drills.  Then I will do a little 15 min run on the treadmill.


There is a really cool show on tv.  That is ok.  I will just watch it for 20 min and get into bed. 


Damn, this show is really cool, Just ten more minutes.


Wow, where has the time gone.  I'm 25min past bed time.  Oh well, I can deal with 7.5 hour of sleep and still train hard.  Might as well finish the show.  It is only five more min.


Got to got to bed.  Man, I am hungry now.  I can't workout in the morning if I go to bed hungry.  I'll have a bowl of cereal.


Still eating bowl of cereal while reading magazine.


teeth brushed.  I need to stretch or I'll be all tight in the morning.

10:30 pm

Finally in bed.  No problem, I am a machine.  7 hour of sleep is all I need.

5;30 am

Alarm goes off.  Snooze button pushed.

5:37 am

Alarm goes off again.  Snooze pushed again.

5:44 am

Alarm goes off again.  I guess I will get up.


dressed and looking for a little snack


Have snack.  Might as well read the new while eating it.

6:05 am

Whoa, where did the time go.  I got to get on the bike!

6:10 am

On bike but realize it has a flat tire.  Seriously, how do you get a flat on the trainer. Spend five minutes looking for spare tube.

6:15 am

Start changing tire.

6:20 am

Finally riding bike but 40 min behind schedule.  Going to have to cut it short.  How about a 10 min warmup and 2x5min?

6:30 am

Start first interval

6:31 am

Man this is really hard.  I don't remember last week's workout being this hard.

6:32:30 am

What the hell is wrong with this radio station.  Why the hell can't they play an uptempo song.

6:33:30 am

Only a minute and a half to go

6:34 am

One minute to go.

6:34:30 am

That was the longest thirty seconds of my life.


End of first interval. Thank god.  Spin easy for five minutes

6:40 am

Start of second interval.  I always feel better on the second one.

6:41:15 am

I feel like an old man.  Maybe I do need 8 hours of sleep.

6:42:30 am

I am going to disconnect my cable so I don't stay up so late.

6:44 am

Why am I here? 

6:45 am

Done.  Finally.  I swear time actually slows down on the trainer.  Five minute cooldown.

6:50 am

Off trainer. Change shoes.  Now run on the treadmill for 15 min.  Can't shorten this workout.  The run is important.


On treadmill. Running while staring at a wall.

6:52 am

I can't remember my name anymore.

6:52:30 am

Things are getting blurry....

6:55 am

Run done.  Signing up online for memory loss therapy.


Have a great day,

Spin Splash Dash





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