A Hug

March 1, 2012 

I pulled of the road today

And went into that little town square

Boalsburg is what they say

Lots of people, friendly there.

Went into this little coffee shop

Asked for a medium sized mug

Smiled at me..Slid me a stop.

"Medium sized" ... like a good Hug.

Now a Hug is something nice to give

It heals and eases pain

A Hug can cheer, show love and forgive;

It even removes shame.

A Hug is something you can do,

To help a hurting friend.

A Hug say's "you're Okay to me"

So let us start a trend!

"Let me Give you a Hug"

And you return one too!...

Now we are so Happy,

That makes...two...!

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