Posted on March 5, 2012 

            A few weeks ago, an old friend and predecessor in the blogosphere, Pete Bosak, discussed the disappearance of former Centre County District Attorney Ray Gricar in a newspaper here in Philadelphia.  He said, ““Most people in Bellefonte and Centre County thought he’d walked away, that he’d planned the entire thing so he could retire without looking over his shoulder the entire time.”1 

            As usual, Mr. Bosak is right.  Most people in the area, certainly those that have followed his case in Centre County, including more than a few members of the bar, think Mr. Gricar’s departure was voluntary.  So do some of his close friends.  So does the former District Attorney that use to head the investigation.2  Well before the Sandusky case, well before we heard about the television show Disappeared, well before the review panel, there was an on-line poll by WTAJ.  It wasn’t too scientific, but a clear majority of the respondents said that they thought Mr. Gricar “ran away.”3  People make jokes about where Mr. Gricar is “hiding.”4

            And that is a problem.  Most people think Mr. Gricar walked away, and that limits looking at other possibilities.  Now, in all fairness, all of the actual evidence could point to voluntary departure, but most of it could point to something else.  Finding evidence that Mr. Gricar left voluntarily, or eliminating the various methods that Mr. Gricar could have used to walk away, should be the highest priority at this point.  The few things that do point exclusively to voluntary departure are not exactly strong.  There are other possibilities, such as the very real possibility of foul play.

            We don’t have evidence, really solid evidence, of the ultimate fate of Mr. Gricar.  Walkaway is certainly a possibility, but, as of yet, there is not solid evidence of it.  The public perception seems to be that Mr. Gricar just decided to leave, but that perception may be wrong.  Please, keep an open mind, about the answer to the question, “What happened to Ray Gricar?”

End Notes

1 Philadelphia Tribune, 1/15/12

2 Philadelphia Inquirer, 7/31/11




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