Shankar mixes music of India and Spain April 4

Posted by John Mark Rafacz on April 2, 2012 

Sitarist Anoushka Shankar, who grew up on three continents, marries her devotion to Indian classical music with her citizen-of-the-world sensibility in pursuit of new avenues of expression. That combination has made her one of the stars of world music.

Her newest project explores the bond between the music of India and Spain. Shankar and her five-member band, a mix of musicians from Indian and Spanish backgrounds, perform works from her new album, Traveller, in concert at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday in Penn State's Eisenhower Auditorium.

Shankar's raga-flamenco journey reconnects musical traditions separated by hundreds of years and thousands of miles. It's widely believed Spain's flamenco traces its roots to the Romani people who made their way across the centuries from India through the Middle East and into Europe.

Before making Traveller, which was released in the United States last month, Shankar immersed herself in flamenco. She also sought out one of the world's foremost flamenco producers Javier Limón, with whom she created her newest album.

My colleague Anjam Chaudhary recently interviewed Shankar. You can hear that conversation on YouTube.

Chaudhary and I also produced a feature article about the sitarist and her raga-flamenco project.

Tickets for the April 4 concert are still available.

Artistic Viewpoints, an informal discussion featuring Pirashanna Thevarajah, Indian-instrument percussionist in Shankar’s band, and Julian Hepple, Shankar's monitor engineer, is offered in Eisenhower one hour before the performance and is free for ticket holders. Artistic Viewpoints seating is limited.



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