Mother Natures Spring Time Wonders

State CollegeApril 21, 2012 

The sun was shining brightly this a.m. and the backyard beckoned me

I went out to check the garden,hoping for some green to see.

The only plants sharing the light were cracus leave,no flowers yet to see.

I pictured what it would look like as I walked it row by row.

The onions, the lettuce & spinach are the earliest to grow.

First comes the shovelto dig the dirt & then the rake to make it smooth.

It's time to choose what seeds to grow & make each one a groove.

You must drop the seed in carefully so each has its very own place.

Now when they sprout & start to grow, they need their very own space.

Look around and you will see, almost every plant at one time was just a tiny seed.

So many things happen here on this God's good green earth, and when man plants his very own seed, another human gives it birth.

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