Pennsylvania Barn Stories

Posted by R Thomas Berner on April 22, 2012 

I have just started ramping up my next photo project, Pennsylvania Barn Stories. I want to photograph barns and tell their stories. I don’t want to prejudge what barn stories are worth telling, but the possibilities include architecturally and historically significant barns, barns that have been in families for generations, new barns built in a different style (I have identified one already), barns that have been converted into houses (I know of four conversions and one in progress) or other uses (I know of two). An Amish barn raising should also be on the list.

If you know of any barns in your county that should be on my list, please send me as much information as you can. That would include names, addresses and phone numbers, if known. I can even work with GPS coordinates, if I have to.

In the meantime, pictured above is the first barn I've photographed for this project. It is the Klinger Barn on Elmwood Street in Millbrook, the second property in from the Benner Pike. Its days as part of a working farm ended when access to the farm's fields were cut off by the expanding Benner Pike and further threatened by the proposed State College By-pass.

The barn became a furniture store and now it's destined to become a restaurant, pub and microbrewery. I will go back when the conversion from furniture store to brew pub is complete and take more exterior shots as well as many interior shots. Between shooting the above photograph and shooting the brew pub, I'll be photographing all over Pennsylvania. I have about 30 barns lined up and am looking for more.

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