Testimony links Jerry Sandusky family members, former assistant coach Tom Bradley to alleged incidents

State College - Centre Daily TimesJune 11, 2012 

— Testimony from alleged victim No. 4 on Monday raised questions about what Jerry Sandusky’s family and close associates knew about the ex-coach’s interactions with young boys.

Alleged victim No. 4 testified that Sandusky’s wife, Dottie, and adopted son Matt Sandusky were around him when Sandusky was abusing him.

The prosecution witness, now 28, said Dottie interrupted Sandusky trying to force him to perform oral sex in a hotel bathroom during Penn State’s Alamo Bowl trip in 1999. He testified that Dottie didn’t see what was happening directly, but questioned Sandusky after finding he had been in the bathroom with the boy.

Here’s what the man testified happened during that encounter when he was a teen:

He and Jerry Sandusky were out playing racquetball and came to back to the hotel room to get ready for a banquet. The man testified that he was staying in the Sanduskys’ room, but Dottie Sandusky wasn’t there.

The man said the hotel bathroom had separate rooms for the sink and shower. Sandusky was at the sink, with his shirt off, while the witness turned on the shower to get in.

That’s when Sandusky went into the shower area, started to caress him, and pushed him lower, he testified.

He said Sandusky threatened him: “You don’t want to go back to (your hometown), do you?”

When asked what that series of actions meant, the man replied that Sandusky “was trying to get me to give him oral sex or something like that and threatening me if not.”

He said Dottie Sandusky walked into the hotel room about 10 seconds later and called for Jerry Sandusky, who left the bathroom before his wife could find him inside.

The man testified he heard Dottie say, “What are you doing in there?”
“When I got out of the shower, Dottie was gone,” he testified.

The witness told of two other instances — one involving Matt Sandusky, Jerry Sandusky’s adopted son, and another involving Tom Bradley, then an assistant coach for Penn State.

The man testified he went with Jerry and Matt Sandusky to play racquetball, and after returning, they went into the shower area.

The man testified Jerry Sandusky started a soap battle with him, which prompted Matt Sandusky to leave that shower area and go to another one.

When asked, the man said that Matt Sandusky looked “nervous” as he left.

The date or year of that incident wasn’t revealed.

In the third instance, the man testified Bradley walked in when he and Sandusky were showering.
The man said he doesn’t know what Bradley was thinking, but thought Bradley was suspicious of what was going on because he stayed in the shower the whole time until the boy and Sandusky left.

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