Jerry Sandusky trial judge issues media regulations

State College - Centre Daily TimesJune 22, 2012 

— Media won't be allowed to report on the verdict in the Jerry Sandusky case until the judge adjourns court.

Media in both the main courtroom and annex will have to wait until court is adjourned before tweeting, emailing or texting the verdict. That won't happen until after the verdict has been read, the jury has been dismissed and any motions have been made and decided, according to directions from the court.

That could included a motion to modify bail until sentencing if Sandusky is found guilty.

Reporters covering the Sandusky case were initially allowed to tweet from the courtroom, including at a preliminary hearing that Sandusky ended up waiving. On June 4, in response to a request for clarification from a number of media companies, Senior Judge John Cleland issued an order that said reporters aren't allowed to communicate electronically from the courtroom.

The child sexual abuse case of the former Penn State coach has attracted mass state and national media coverage. A notice sent out to reporters today at the request of the court reminded them of the rules.

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