Poem | Your True Soul

August 15, 2012 

Silence fills the empty sound,

You breath in the hollow air,

Like your dreams that float around

At the place of your true soul

The sky hides under the trees,

You absorb the view through eyes,

All is still, but your knees.

At the place of your true soul

Child you are alone now,

The curtains will never close,

You talk, though you don’t know how

At the place of your true soul.

Come here by boat, car, or plane


But also other ways too,

Here you find out the real you.

Eventually you’ll arrive,

At prison or paradise,

Death never felt so alive,

At the place of your true soul.

Decisions are yours alone

Wealth’s only temporary,

We’re more than just flesh and bone,

At the place of your true soul.

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