Penn State trustee Anthony Lubrano: Reforms ‘desperately needed’

December 11, 2012 

— Anthony Lubrano, Penn State’s most vocal trustee, is calling on his fellow board members to get on board with the reforms being proposed by state officials.

Don’t “kick the can down the road” by sending the reform discussions for a committee to review them, and don’t hire a consultant to analyze them, he said.

“There is an arrogance among the members of this board (that) suggest to me that they don’t necessarily think that changes are required,” Lubrano said Tuesday alongside state Rep. Scott Conklin, D-Rush Township, who was proposing legislation to reform the board’s governance.

“I would disagree wholeheartedly,” Lubrano said. “I think changes are desperately needed.”

Lubrano has become a household name in Penn State circles these days. A vocal critic of university leadership, he took anti-board fervor and turned it into a winning election bid this past spring for one of three alumni seats.

Even after his election, he has kept up his outspoken ways.

Tuesday was no different, as he vowed to be among the trustees who would usher in the reforms on the board’s end.

“Hopefully, the board of trustees embraces this reform matter now and becomes an active participant in that process and not a roadblock to success,” Lubrano said.

And don’t get in the way, he said.

“My warning to those who might want to be a roadblock is that there are lot of Penn State people in the Pennsylvania community who have long memories,” Lubrano said, “and they are going to be very actively involved in reform of this board.”

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