Letter to the editor | Memory lapse mars credibility

January 18, 2013 

It is ludicrous that Penn State trustee Mark Dambly is a member of the search committee for the university’s next president.

This is a man who can’t remember that he served five days in jail as an undergraduate.

As reported by WJAC news in November, Dambly was arrested in 1979 for a fight in a downtown parking garage while he was attending classes at University Park. Records from the Centre County jail show that Dambly signed in and spent five days behind bars.

When confronted about the allegations, Dambly told WJAC that he was “not aware” about a criminal past or serving jail time.

Really? If Dambly cannot recall what for most of us would be a traumatic and certainly memorable event, how can anything he says be believed?

Why are the likes of Dambly leading Penn State? If he had one iota of the integrity of Joe Paterno, he would have resigned long ago.

Instead, he remains on his high horse, passing judgment on a man who always told the truth.

Dambly should not be evaluating the credentials and character of candidates for president of Penn State. He is not worthy to represent our great university and should resign.

Carole Vail

State College

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