Who You Are

Posted by R Thomas Berner on April 9, 2013 

— One of the lighter moments during our Cuba trip was indoctrinating our Cuban tour guide into the Penn State ways. That meant getting him to understand what one did when one member of the group would shout "we are!"

Our guide was a savvy fellow and while he had never left the island and had taught himself English, he understood U.S. politics and nuance. However, he was not about to go all the way and become an honorary Penn Stater.

Delighted by our chants, he found a way to get us to belt them out from time to time by shouting: "Who you are?" And we would respond: "Penn State!"

So there we were on our way to a dance school when I spied a fellow wearing a Penn State shirt. He had no idea what the shirt was about and after our guide had fully questioned him and shared his answers, the guide shouted: "Who you are?"

I snapped away.

(Some of my Cuba photos can be found at http://www.berner.printroom.com/ViewGallery.asp?userid=coalcracker&gallery_id=3238069.)


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